Monday, July 20, 2009

some for now, some for later

At the farmers market, I bought two kinds of cherries and two kinds of green beans. I preserved cherries, one jar of Rainier’s with Rosé, one of Bings with bourbon. (We shall see…) I didn’t have any fresh dill on hand, but was eager to pickle some of the green beans, so I made due with coriander, mustard seed, and chili. I’ll do a dill version and compare. For dinner, I blanched, then sautéed the Romano green beans, adding a little salt and lemon zest at the end.

When my cousins and I eat at Navarre (, we usually order bread, olive oil, cheese, and some veggie dish or salad. And wine. (Whoever arrives first gets the order started.) Most people at Navarre order a wide range of dinner dishes, including the wonderful buffalo flank steak, bright beets with lentils, radishes, green garlic, or their fantastic mushrooms. In comparison, our table looks drab. Nevertheless, we do love it. As you can tell, I often copy this at home. Now I just need to learn how to copy their chocolate mousse.

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