Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect Pork Chop

My birthday came around this month, and with it many memorable moments and plenty of delicious meals. Josh hosted a lovely lawn party with friends and family. I had intended to play bocce ball, but the heat led me to merely sit and drink cold beverages, eat summer potluck dishes, popsicles, sorbet...

On my birthday proper, I ate out all three meals. Bakery bar for breakfast - grilled seasonal vegetables on a biscuit and egg sandwich. Pok Pok for a light lunch - papaya salad, sticky rice, and Thai chicken wings. And Olympic Provisions for dinner - a charcuterie plate, romano beans with fresh ricotta and toasted almonds, heirloom tomato salad with olives and feta, and the most tender, juicy pork chop ever. For dessert, we had peach upside down cake.

Josh and I decided to try our hand at pan cooked pork chops. We wanted that crisp glazed exterior and tender interior. After a little research, we settled on the most basic, no fuss instructions. I bought two Iowa pork chops and we went to work. Mashed potatoes and corn rounded out an all-American meal. And brought continued birthday bliss.