Monday, February 28, 2011

A heart makes love

Valentine's Day came and went, but not without some sappy recognition on my part. Josh planned some romantic pre- Valentine's activities, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Being a homemade, crafty type, on the day of, I taped red hearts all over his mirror, gave him a cheesy card I made about "spooning," along with a wooden spoon for cooking, and had him over for dinner to make heart pizzas. Before we all gag on the cheesy heart-shaped food idea, let me just tell you that those heart pizzas were delicious. I prepped a bunch of toppings, including fennel, sausage, onions, parsley, red sauce, and lots of cheese. And because they were small, it was necessary to consume many of them.

No special Valentine's dessert, in any shape. However, the following week, we made basic sugar cookies and I added garam masala for a little twist. Indian sugar cookies? Why not?