Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a good way

Photos from our weekend in Seattle. (Well, phone photos.) We drove up for the Timbers vs. Sounders MLS match, but made plenty of time for food excursions beforehand. Friday afternoon, we grabbed sandwiches at the small downtown salumeria/eatery, Salumi. They make their own salami and cheese. I had finocchiona and provolone on a ciabatta-type roll with a generous spread of olive oil. I keep thinking about it. I'll be back up there next weekend, so I might have to get some salami to bring home.

Because it was a mild spring day, Josh took me to the Space Needle for the view, then we wandered around the park and walked the labyrinth. That evening, we ate at Delancey in Ballard with some friends. It reminded me of Ken's Pizza in Portland, in a good way: tasty basic pizzas, greenly delicious salad/roasted veggies, solid seasonal desserts. I liked that the pizza crust was more chewy. And I always like a white pie. Ricotta should be on pizza more often.

Saturday morning we had brunch at the Volunteer Park Cafe. I had quiche with salad and a maple fig scone. That place is cute and buzzing with hip neighborhood activity. Josh and I sat at a big communal table and read an old Rolling Stone. I would probably be a regular if I lived nearby. And the park is right up the street, with lovely walkways, the Asian Art museum, and a conservatory. I saw some of the largest cacti I've ever seen. And orchids that looked like giant spiders.

We had a snack of Alaskan salmon mid-afternoon, courtesy of Josh's friends. Then we beefed up for the soccer match. I had a great burger at Brave Horse Tavern in Lake Union. The beer list was pretty good. But the coleslaw cabbage was so finely shredded, it was mushy. In fact, "shredded" is not the right term. "Ground" would be a better description. Ground cabbage. Another funny thing about the restaurant is it's manufactured sense of character. New windows made to look old, fake horseshoe decor, rustic chandeliers, etc. The neighborhood is being done up to look like Portland's Pearl District, with similar updated warehouse buildings and identical streetcars. Hopefully it will have the same successful renaissance - with a little more sincerity. At least the tavern burger is the real deal.

And then we stood in the rain for two hours, cheering on our team. My water-resistant jacket could not resist the downpour. Glad I had all that food to keep up my energy.