Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day Away

Last week, someone asked me when I last went on a trip by myself. No friends, family. Just me. I spend time alone at home or running errands, but it did make me think... The last trip alone was ten years ago. So, for a practice trip, I decided to start local. I went to Seattle for the day. Starting at Bakery Bar, I got coffee and a scone (fig, rosemary, and goat cheese). And hit the road.

Once in Seattle, I went to the library, which I had walked by, but never toured. It is a large building, with so much visual stimulation. However, as it should be, the hundreds of people there were quiet, quiet. Reading and enjoying the space individually. Together.

I always stop by the Pike market, to see the flowers, produce, donut stand and fish market. I didn't feel up to the crowds, so I stepped into the side alley. And found entertainment.

A sunny meal with a view. The heirloom tomatoes were very juicy. It made me think hopeful thoughts for my little garden.

I wandered around Ballard. Had a fantastic French coconut macaroon with salted caramel filling. I went to the locks and watched the boats, went to the beach and read. I walked through shops. Bought some vintage tea spoons. When I was eating dinner outside later, the shop owner walked by and waved. I felt like part of the neighborhood. (That meal was more expensive, but disappointed. The prawns were supposed to be rubbed with fennel, but showed up with olive tapenade. However, the manhattan was delicious - with bing cherries. I should've taken a picture of that.)

I got what I wanted out of the day trip though. A step outside of my normal Saturday. Familiar, with a twist.

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