Sunday, February 7, 2010

new to me

I haven't been cooking much lately. And when I do, it's been pretty quick and run-of-the-mill stuff. This doesn't mean I've been going without. I've had some amazing meals the last month or so - cooked by other people.

My friend Kristina (from the Portland Poncho blog) cooked up some of her family recipes for our book club. Her menu featured a variety of mushrooms, some of which were new to me. Kristina told me that China is the biggest fungi producer and consumption market. After our meal, I realized I had been missing out. Enoki mushrooms. Delicious.

Kristina made Bell Peppers, stuffed with a seasoned fish and shrimp paste; the light and subtle Tofu and Mushrooms, with both enoki and king mushrooms and egg tofu; Snow Peapods and Black Fungi; and Almond Jello for dessert.

After the dinner, Kristina gave me her recipes. And I made a shopping list. And then I became intimidated. I want to put them to use... but I also don't want to ruin the image of this meal in my mind. So I will have to schedule a time when she can hold my hand through the delicate Tofu and Mushrooms. And in the meantime, I made raviolis, some with mushrooms.

Using square won ton wraps, I made two kinds of ravioli. One filled with a mashed pea/parmesan/garlic mix and the other filled with crimini mushroom/ground hazelnut/ricotta/garlic mix. I drizzled olive oil with basil over the pea ravioli and brown butter with grated parmesan over the mushroom ravioli. Easy and satisfying.

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